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We offer some very unique saunas and hottubs.  This unique barrel sauna concept makes our outdoor cedar barrel saunas an exciting investment that generations can enjoy.  Our Western Red Cedar barrel saunas have 1 1/2" thick walls for a long natural insulation and the barrel design give you a much smaller heating area than any rectangular sauna with plenty of room for bathers.  We also offer Knotty Barrel Saunas that are great for all seasons.  If you are looking for a different design we offer POD shaped saunas, Eagles nest saunas and our Kota Sauna.  If you are looking for a traditional square sauna we offer those for both indoor and outdoors.

These traditional, cooperage-style cedar hot tubs are hand-crafted from clear western red cedar, giving you quality and craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Using no electricity, this uniquely designed wood-burning hot tub heater takes about 3½ to 4 hours to heat up your tub of water from 45°F to 105°F. Filtration and chemicals are not required as you will change the water frequently.


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